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One-Time Only Cleaning

Most of the times it happens that homeowners require some extra support when cleaning their homes. Prestige Cleaners is here with its one-time-only cleaning service option meant for individuals who need homes that are tidier than normal.

Regularly Scheduled Cleaning

If you are in the look out of a consistent Missoula Montana cleaning service for keeping your abode tidy like never before then, Prestige Cleaners is the solution for you. We specialize in regularly scheduled residential cleaning. We also have the capability of carrying out essential cleaning duties for the residences of our customers.

Spring and Thorough Cleaning

Is spring cleaning your residence a nightmare for you? You are not to be blamed for this because spring cleaning is a very challenging task. Spring cleaning is not just basic cleaning. Instead, it involves spending a huge amount of time in identifying the nooks and corners of the house that have not been cleaned for several years.

We Give Our Clients The Scope Of Reaping The Benefits Of:

  • Thorough and deep detail cleaning
  • Regularly scheduled or one-time only cleaning services
  • Customized cleaning services specifically tailored to meet the desires and requirements of clients.
  • Professional cleaning services during house and office moves.
  • Renovation and post-construction tidy up and cleaning
  • Floor and full carpet cleaning services with the use of proprietary solutions and a deep cleaning mechanism.
  • Short notice and emergency cleaning services

And more!

Cleaning Checklist

We provide different cleaning packages for making it easier for our clients to select the cleaning service that they require.

Cleaning Services during Move INS and Move Outs

When you are moving home, it is essential that you take the cleaning services of Prestige Cleaners.

Party Cleaning Services

Cleaning the mess left after a party or planning for a party in the future are daunting tasks that require professional services. These are tasks that require additional cleaning help. Prestige Cleaners excels in offering pre and post party clean up services. Simply give us a call and allow us to do some cleaning for you.


Property Showcase Cleaning

This is an exclusive cleaning service available from our company. We work with local property dealers in Missoula Montana and take up the task of cleaning their properties before their showcase at different property shows. The experienced cleaners working for our company can bring the best out of a property.


Contact us now for your FREE initial consultation so we can explain exactly what we can do for you!

Commercial Services

At Prestige Cleaners, we understand the significance of having a healthy and clean workplace for keeping the employees happy and safe; for improving productivity and for impressing the client who visits your office. Get our reliable and top quality commercial cleaning services and keep your commercial undertakings neat and tidy. We make use of the right blend of procedures, products, tools, and education that can help in improving our cleaning program. We use equipment and product that would not harm staff, environment, and surfaces.

Our commercial cleaning services are ideal for almost all businesses that require reliable and professional cleaning companies for maintaining a safe and clean office environment. Whether you are the owner of a large company or a small firm, our commercial cleaning services will have your premises looking its best. With us, you can expect excellent care and ensure that your business facility looks professional.

Free Commercial Quote

Fill in our form and detail us about the space that you want to be cleaned. We will contact you and schedule a walkthrough of your space giving you free commercial quotes that can be quite beneficial.

Commercial Cleaning

Prestige Cleaners offers a wide assortment of commercial cleaning programs in Missoula Montana for different types of businesses irrespective of the fact that whether they are big or small. We possess years of skilled expertise in offering commercial cleaning services and take pride in serving different business types.

Janitorial Services

We offer a huge selection of office cleaning services allowing our business clients to have their commercial properties functioning in the cleanest and the most professional environment. Prestige Cleaners has this basic understanding of the significance of a professional and clean business image, and this is the reason why our professionals help with the objective of achieving this image for you.

We are something more than a simple residential cleaning service provider. Our cleaning staff possesses several years of knowledge and experience in offering commercial cleaning services. We train our commercial cleaning staff is expertly handling janitorial cleaning in several varied environments.

Medical Facility Cleaning

A health or medical office should be clean as cleanliness helps in preventing the spread of harmful germs. Medical facility owners and staff should take some precautions for the prevention of virus and germ transmission.

What needs to be done is taking the services of professionals who are adept at cleaning medical facilities. Prestige Cleaners come as the only name that can be trusted when it comes to cleaning medical health facilities and buildings. We take the safety precautions that not only help in doing away with the spread of harmful viruses and germs but also hinder them from recurring all over again.

Our Missoula Montana cleaning professionals are skilled at cleaning and wiping down all electronics, surfaces, dental chairs and other things used in medical facilities. It is also worth noting that we make use of eco-friendly cleaning products only and do not deal with hazardous chemicals.

Our medical facility cleaning services are ideal for the offices of dentists. We possess the capability of cleaning operating sections in medical buildings and the waiting rooms and staff areas.

We are not into cleaning or sterilizing post-surgery equipment like knives, scalpels and other tools.